An excerpt from Aleya Kassam’s chanyado

“You expect to be perfect immediately. This hits me with the force of primal lust entering your adolescent belly. This is true. It is true of how I live my life. It is what keeps me from writing regularly.

I start paying attention to life”.

I have had many a blog, but, I have not yet stomached the idea to permanently write.

What’s the point if I cannot come up with something deep, profound, earth shattering every time?

Words that would honor my daughters and inspire my sons.

I want to inscribe in the same way an Eagle flies; poised in their flight, un-wavered and majestic.

But words are many times tainted with too much or too little emotion.

And maybe, that is the true meaning of it all; to open up, bleed and paint a picture of words so real the world would have to stop and stare.

My name is Ahenda and I am going to do my best to keep this blog alive.


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